Phishing Campaigns

Phishing is one of the biggest threats in I.T. security today.  The best application aware firewalls, WAFS, IPS, XML Gateways, and log management are no match if an attacker can get a single user in your environment to click a link.  This is how the majority of advanced persistent threat type attacks occur.  Not because it’s a super advanced attack, but because it’s a successful and easy method to accomplish their goals.

Our phishing campaigns are easy, low-cost, and educate users as well as provide metrics to administrators on the quality of the training users have received.   No matter how simple or advanced your company’s security program, a phishing campaign is a great service to compliment your efforts.

  • Education is customizable to your environment and specific to your company.
  • Malware filtering capabilities are tested during these engagements.

Typically we recommend whitelisting the domain we will test from to first test user awareness and then remove the domain to test the malware protection you’ve implemented.

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