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Cloud Insecurity

I recently had the opportunity to meet with one of the nation's largest cloud/hosting providers.  An NBG Networks' client was considering outsourcing some of their critical servers to this company and they asked if we would tag along when they went to tour the facility. My employee (who we'll call Bob) and I showed up at...
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Non-Advanced Persistent Threats

For those of us in the security industry, the term "APT" or advanced persistent threat is a term marketing teams have cooked up to explain the threats that are hard to defend against. APT isn't really a new threat or type of threat. There are some truly advanced persistent threats such as nation sponsored hacking...
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Password Complexity vs Length

This is a debate as old as computers themselves. The popular choice for the past ten years or so has been to choose a moderate length complex password. Even Microsoft tries to force domain users in default group policies to use a "complex" password. I agree using more characters is generally a good idea, but...

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Solutions designed by security professionals

At NBG Networks we don't believe in all the marketing hype security vendors put out.  We care about the quality of our work and the results we're able to produce.  We evaluate, customize and create solutions in-house to handle current security threats.  A great place to start for every business is...
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