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How Security Professionals Dig up Dirt about You Online

I’m often asked during our corporate penetration tests exactly how we located personal information about an executive at their company.  Below is a rough guide on how to track just about anybody online. We usually start with a name or an alias.  For purposes of this demonstration, let’s start with a company name and work from...
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10 Easy Tips to Secure Home Networks

Secure your Home Network in Ten Easy Steps

Following the suggestions below will greatly increase the security of your home network. Attackers know home networks are usually not well protected and they target them to create botnets and other underground activities; don't be a victim.
  1. Update your software - This may sound trivial but it's the number one...
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Network Security Toolkit

Creating a Network Security Toolkit is a necessity for any information technology professional.

Below I've organized some tools both free and paid by the category of users that will most benefit from them.  These are mostly offensive tools; I'll be writing another article to cover the defensive side shortly.  [blockquote]Full Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated...
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Have You Been Hacked?

Have you ever had a Virus, Spyware, or Malware?

These are terms most people are more familiar with, but they all mean the same thing- the security of your business was compromised (you've been hacked). Most people are familiar with the tell-tale pop-up ads that occur when your computer has been infected with spyware. Most malware...
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