Who We Are

page2-img1NBG Networks is a team

The biggest technology asset any company can have is its people. The best software, servers, and network infastructure are wasted in the wrong hands. At NBG Networks we have the people that can change an ordinary security assesment into a game changer for your business.

We are a team of skilled professional PenTesters and technology experts. Our testers have been interested in computer security their entire lives, and have the credentials to back it up!

What We Do

Improve network security for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors

The focus at NBG Networks is to help our customers first. We believe a successful business owes everything to its customers. Advertising and sales are never our first priority; we think the best products market themselves.

There’s a big difference between having good products in place and having good security! Good security is a mentality, not a line item.

Our Specialties

NBG Networks provides services to help increase your security awareness, such as:
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing
WebApp Testing
Phishing Campaigns
Security Consulting
Knowledge & Guidance

Practices at NBG Networks are very different

  • Scans are validated by HAND – no exceptions.
  • No matter how small or large the project is we will personally attend to every detail. From a vulnerability assessment of a single IP to a persistent penetration test lasting years, we will always have a skilled penetration tester on your project.
  • We will not outsource anything! ¬†Everything at NBG Networks is done in-house; never outsourced to a country with uncertain I.T. laws.

The best things in the world are made by hand

Security and I.T. are no exception. An automated scanner or any type of software is only as good as the specifcations for which it was programmed. Your company isn’t average, so why would your security company be? In security, one size does not fit all.